School Headmasters’ Charitable Association, Nagpur

School Headmasters’ Charitable Association Nagpur is established in the year 2015 but it was registered in the year 2017 bearing registration number F-34222(N). The association is registered with a object to solve the problems of Headmasters of Primary school and High school.This the only registered HM Association in Maharashtra having members of Primary as well as High school Principals. The Association is organizing workshops, seminars, trainings for Principals as well as teachers and students.It also raises the problems of Principals at government level.

Mission of Association

• Motivate teachers and how to organize effective internal communication at school
• Effictive Elementary School Administration and Principals Roles in the Context of Effective Schools managment
• The professional development of school

To serve as an apex organization of School Principals at the national level;

To exert positive influence on decision making and policy formulation in the field of higher education and to take up common financial, administrative and academic issues and problems with appropriate authorities;

To assist the appropriate authorities in implementation of educational policies and programmes;

To promote academic and administrative excellence in the field of higher education;

To act as a liaison between Schools and various authorities of State Governments n the other bodies and the Central Government;

To organize conferences of School Principals;

To organize seminars, workshops, orientation and training programmers;

To make arrangements for academic exchange and collaboration programmes for Principals and experts from educational institutions within and outside India;

To endeavor for the betterment and social welfare of Principals;

To publish reports, periodicals, journals, books, souvenirs etc.; and

To undertake such activities conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


Mr. Zafar Ahmed Khan
Founder President
Dr. Jaspal Singh
Vice President
Mrs. Mangala Patil
Vice President
Mr. Dilip Bose
Gen Secretary
Mr. Ashnarayan Tiwari
Joint Secretary
Mrs. Nazera Patel
Joint Secretary
Mr. Siddharth Gedam
Mr. Sandeep Gaikwad
Executive member
Mrs. Madhumati Joseph
Executive member
Mrs. Akhtarunnisa
Executive member
Mrs. Pearl Micheal
Executive member
Mrs. Razia Sultana
Executive member
Mrs. Nilaya Walke
Executive member
Mr. Shrikrishna Ramteke
Executive member
Mrs. Premlata Tiwari
Executive member
Mr. Rajiv Gyanchandani
Executive member
Mrs. Laxmi Mozarkar
Executive member
Mr. Vilas Kerde
Executive member
Mrs. Mala Godghate
Executive member
Mrs. Tajinder Venugopal
Executive member
Mrs. Vaidya Jadhav


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